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We provide a number of services to support families of children with sensory processing differences.

Sensory Resources Library
There is nothing worse than spending lots of money on an item, only for it to sit in a cupboard unused! Sensory items are often very expensive, and families might not know what their children will like when they are buying them. At Ruby’s we have developed a sensory resource library that our families can loan sensory items from and “try before they buy”. In order to borrow an item from our library, you must be registered with us. An item can be borrowed for 2 weeks. You will get a reminder text or email when the item is due back. After the sensory item has been returned to us, we will send out a feedback form to gather information about how useful the item has been. This will help us to decide how best to stock our library.
Items we stock include weighted blankets, sensory dens, body socks, wobble cushions, scooter boards, sand timers, sensory lights and peanut balls.

If you are interested in borrowing an item from our library, you can see what’s available here or to find out more information please email us directly using the button below.

Sensory Detectives Training for parents – is currently paused until we get more funding to deliver this training
A series of online group and one to one training for parents which helps them understand their child’s emerging sensory differences

Sensory Explorers 
Short videos which are a taster of our longer Sensory Detectives training. They give parents and carers insight into the sensory systems and sensory processing.

Calm Bags
We are pleased to share with you that we now have ‘Calm Bags’ which are available to borrow during a child’s visit to the centre. Have a look at what’s in the bags here.

We also provide advice about specialist support organisations.
Some of the organisations we signpost to are:

The Sleep Charity which supports with sleep issues in children
Cerebra helps families of children with brain conditions
Contact provides wide-ranging support to families of disabled children, any disability and whether diagnosed or not
ERIC which supports with children’s bowel and bladder health
National Autistic Society who work with autistic people and their families
SWAN UK supports families affected by a syndrome without a name – a genetic condition so rare it often remains undiagnosed

Sensory tent
Wobble cushion
Weighted blanket