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My Babytime classes are multi sensory activity sessions with refreshments included and time to socialise with other families.
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The classes include bubbles, parachutes, light shows, scarves, ribbons and other sensory props with lots of instruments to explore. Classes for babies and toddlers are held every Monday and Friday morning at Ruby’s in the Siblings Room (please note this room is upstairs and there is currently no lift).

Baby massage and baby yoga are also available on Tuesdays. Please email for dates as these sessions are 5 week courses.

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Our Relax Kids classes for children age 5-11 provide activities that aid language, physical and emotional development to promote better emotional wellbeing.

Benefits for children:

  • Improved physical skills through dance and movement
  • Improved creativity and communication through songs and play
  • Improved balance and control through stretches
  • Improved social skills through peer massage and positive touch
  • Improved sleep and relaxation with breathing exercises
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem with positive affirmations
  • Improved imagination, creativity and calm with simple visualisation stories

For more information please contact Charlotte Beardmore on 07590 025253 or visit