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 The mission of Ruby’s is to provide life changing support by means of specialist facilities and opportunities for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and their families, who live in Cheshire East.

Our aims

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To provide an inclusive sensory centre with specialist facilities including a sensory room, sensory garden, soft play area and community cafe that is accessible to all and for the benefit of children and families of Cheshire East.

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To provide outreach SEND support across Cheshire East by means of a mobile sensory bus and in partner settings, for children and families who are unable to access the centre facilities due to social, emotional and health difficulties.

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To support the whole family unit by providing bespoke person-centred early help interventions with the aim of reducing family crisis and helping families thrive using methods including telephone appointments, emails, online or face to face meetings.

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To provide a safe, stimulating environment giving individuals and groups the chance to explore and develop in inclusive settings with the aim of friendship, fun and a sense of belonging through respite opportunities, peer support and siblings group.

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To provide wellbeing opportunities for children and their families to access therapies including parent carer counselling, relaxation and wellbeing treatments &  sessions, educational sessions by means of workshops and training courses.

Our values


We are Kind

Being Kind means that we treat others and ourselves with dignity and care

So, at Ruby’s we…

  • value relationships and value trust highly so we build healthy connections with each other
  • act, speak and listen carefully with kindness and respect so we create and maintain a safe Ruby’s culture
  • are self-aware and kind to ourselves so we take care of our own wellbeing

We are Accountable

Being Accountable means that we understand our roles and responsibilities and take them seriously

So, at Ruby’s we…

  • take responsibility for our words and behaviour and the impact they may have on others
  • if responsibilities cannot be met seek help and guidance in good time so alternatives can be agreed
  • make mistakes sometimes! But we try to accept them and learn from them so we take responsibly for our own growth and development
  • behave and speak with integrity so we are trustworthy

We are Inclusive

Being inclusive means that we are welcoming and fair

So, at Ruby’s we…

  • celebrate that we are all unique with different experiences, backgrounds, and opinions so we make everyone feel accepted and heard
  • treat each other with dignity and respect so we all feel safe

We are Creative

Being creative means that we want to inspire and be inspired

So, at Ruby’s we…

  • aim to adapt, evolve and be flexible so we find creative solutions
  • encourage and support each other to explore new ideas so we continue to grow and develop
  • try new things and have fun so we remain curious and hopeful

About Ruby

When I had my daughter Ruby in 2007, I discovered she had a rare and incurable condition called IDIC 15 which affects her development and health; to the extent that she would always require round the clock care. It quickly became clear to me there was a lack of appropriate support services available locally for families of children with special educational needs and disabilities. I felt very passionately that a proactive, early intervention service was required for families like mine, to help prevent them feeling alone, unsupported and by eventually reaching crisis point.

Driven by this vision of what was needed, I set up Ruby’s Fund in 2008 and, following a huge community fundraising campaign, we became a registered charity in 2009. In 2014 the vision became reality when we opened the doors to our fully inclusive sensory play centre and community café in Congleton. Since then, Ruby’s Fund has grown; providing a wealth of services and support both at our centre and across Cheshire East with our outreach programme and mobile sensory bus.

Alison, Ruby’s mum

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Our supporters

We’re so lucky to have so many supporters and funders.

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