Recently I attended a East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce business event at our local leisure centre. We had a stall to promote our charity amongst other businesses and organisations. On my way to get a cup of tea I spotted a little boy maybe around 9 years old. He was sat in the windowsill on the corridor of the leisure centre with a lady who I presume was a teaching assistant. His class all appeared to be in the room opposite. He looked so sad so I stopped to talk to him. The lady with him said he’s finding the transition hard into the new building with all the different noises. I said I have just the thing for you a Ruby’s Calm Bag. They followed me back to my stall and I showed him what was in our calm bag and he agreed to take it on a ‘borrow’ basis to see if it helped him. A couple of hours later I went to find him and the calm bag. He had a big beaming smile and was sitting in the café area. He told me he had loved playing with the calm bag. When I asked him if could make one to help him next time he said he would. When asked by my colleagues had I had a good day I said definitely. Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.