Home 5 Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct

Through dedicated and trained staff and volunteers, Ruby’s Fund is able to offer a variety of support to meet the needs of families with children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and/or those in need of early help. As a team, we are wholly committed to the putting the interests of the child at the centre of our work and to protecting their welfare.

Everyone who works with, and on behalf of children and young people are accountable for the way in which they behave and for the steps they take to manage risk and safeguard and protect children and young people. Your conduct and behaviour, including in your personal life, must demonstrate that you will always act in the best interests of the people with whom you come into contact. You should avoid any behaviour which may compromise your ability to safeguard children and the reputation of Ruby’s Fund.

This Code of Conduct is accepted and signed by all Ruby’s Fund staff, volunteers and trustees and ensures that we are all aware of our responsibilities and expectations in supporting children and young people. It is introduced as part of the induction and indicates that we understand fully and are committed to Ruby’s Fund’s policy and procedures for Safeguarding Children.

Copies of the signed Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct will be securely stored in your personnel file.

In order to acknowledge our individual responsibility to protect children and young people, and to reduce the likelihood of abuse taking place, each member of staff, each volunteer and each trustee signs this agreement to:

  1. To model and promote Ruby’s Fund’s commitment to safeguarding children in all aspects of my work and wider conduct, including in the use of social media sites.
  2. To not exploit or abuse my position with regard to
  3. To follow Ruby’s Fund’s Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures, other policies and procedures relating to safeguarding (e.g. Professional Boundaries, Lone Working), this Code of Conduct and policies relating to GDPR and confidentiality.
  4. To follow Ruby’s Fund procedures for reporting concerns about a child, or about the behavior of an adult without delay.
  5. To undertake training specific to their role in order to keep knowledge and skills relevant and up to date.
  6. To model positive behaviour towards children and
  7. To not make remarks that are in any way inappropriate, or which might be interpreted as inappropriate.
  8. To listen to and respect the voice of the child.
  9. To recognise that children can be adversely affected by words, remarks and actions and to challenge sensitively inappropriate, offensive, racist or abusive language and behaviour, when safe and appropriate to do so.
  10. To ensure that any physical contact with a child is appropriate, acceptable to the child and non-abusive.
  11. To ensure that if you are alone with children, you have:
    • Understood the potential risks of being in this situation, including
    • Consulted with the parent/carer about the
    • Agreed all personal care of a child beforehand with the child and/or their parent/carer, and only undertake it if the child is able to do this for themselves without assistance, including nappy changing and visits to the bathroom/lavatory.


I acknowledge and accept my responsibility to safeguard children. I agree to follow the Ruby’s Fund Safeguarding Children Code of Practice and accept that failure to work within this may result in suspension pending investigation. For staff, this may result in disciplinary action and volunteers or trustees who fail to comply with this Code of Conduct may be asked to leave Ruby’s Fund.

We appreciate the time, energy and commitment that everyone brings to Ruby’s Fund. Through our consistent approach, we each play a role in ensuring that Ruby’s Fund support helps children to be safe, secure and happy.