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At Ruby’s Fund, it is our policy to treat our ‘workers’ (where ‘workers’ refers to paid staff, volunteers, applicants for paid and voluntary roles) and our service users in the same way, regardless of their age, ability/disability, gender, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or beliefs.

Code of Practice

Ruby’s Fund is an equal opportunity employer. Equal opportunity is about good recruitment and working practices and efficient use of our most valuable asset, our workers. Everybody has personal responsibility for the implementation of this policy. Any instances of doubt about the application of the policy or any other questions, should be addressed to your Line Manager, as should any request for special training or treatment.

The Charity does not discriminate on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, ethnic origin, colour, nationality or disability.

This policy applies to the advertisement of jobs, recruitment and appointment of them, training,appraisals, support and supervision, promotion, conditions of work, pay and to every other aspect of employment (paid or voluntary).

You should note that the imposition of a condition or requirement which has an adverse impacton someone who, because of their sex, race or marital status is more likely to be affected by it, will also be unlawful unless it can be justified on the grounds of business need. In all such situations your Line Manager should be consulted.

Assistance for Disabled Employees

Workers who are disabled or become disabled in the course of their employment (paid or voluntary) should inform their Line Manager.

They may also wish to advise Ruby’s Fund of any ‘reasonable adjustments’ to their employmentor working conditions which they consider to be necessary or which they consider would assist them in the performance of their duties. Careful consideration will be given to any proposals of this nature and, where reasonable and reasonably practicable, such adjustments will be made.

There may be circumstances where it will not be reasonable or reasonably practicable for Ruby’s Fund to accommodate those proposals and where less favourable treatment may be justified in accordance with the Statutory Provisions.

Making a Complaint

Ruby’s Fund operates a grievance procedure and encourages all workers to raise any grievance relating to their employment (paid or voluntary) including any breach of this Equal and Diversity Policy in accordance with the grievance procedure.

Ruby’s Fund recognises that in some cases, the usual grievance procedure may not be suitable for bringing a complaint relating to a breach of the Equality and Diversity Policy. This may be because, for example:

  1. Your complaint involves the person identified in the usual grievance procedure as the person to whom you should raise your grievance, or
  2. You feel that you would like some impartial counselling or assistance, or
  3. It is not possible or appropriate for either you or Ruby’s fund to adhere to the time limit set out in the grievance

If the grievance procedure is not appropriate you should approach your Line Manager who will help you decide how to proceed.

If the matter relates to sexual or racial harassment or harassment on the basis of disability then the matter should be raised in accordance with the Sexual Harassment Policy or the Bullying and Harassment Policy as appropriate.

Your complaint will be thoroughly investigated in line with the principles set out in the relevant procedure. If the investigation reveals that your complaint is valid, the disciplinary procedure will be implemented where appropriate to address the matter with a view to ensuring that it does not happen again.

You will be protected from any intimidation, victimisation or discrimination for bringing a complaint under this policy or taking part in any investigation, unless you have acted in bad faith or have made untrue statements. Any retaliation against an employee for bringing a complaint will be treated as a disciplinary offence.

Responsibility of workers

It is the responsibility of everyone working for Ruby’s Fund to ensure that they play a part in eliminating discrimination. All workers, therefore, have a personal responsibility to ensure compliance with this policy. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken and in certain circumstances may lead to dismissal.

Workers who take part in discriminatory conduct may also be sued personally by the victimand, and in serious cases may face criminal charges.

Those involved in recruitment, selection, training and promotion, have particular responsibility for the practical implementation of this policy.


Workers and job applicants may be asked to give personal details relating to sex, race, ethnic origin and any disabilities. This information will be used only for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of this Equality and Diversity Policy.

Contact Lead is Alison Parr Policy reviewed: 14th March 2022. Policy review date: March 2023.