Ruby’s Fund are delighted to have received a grant of £1550 from RRG Toyota Macclesfield to allow us to deliver support to siblings (aged 5-15 years) of children and young people with additional needs and disabilities.

RRG Toyota Macclesfield are “delighted to support Ruby’s Fund with this great initiative, supporting and nurturing children to their full potential. In alignment to the Toyota strategy of “bringing the joy and freedom of movement to all”, this partnership perfectly matches our vision.

The sessions:

Session 1: Friday 21st February 10am-12pm at Ruby’s Fund Games, crafts & waffles with ice cream (9)

Session 2: postponed due to COVID 19

Session 3: Friday 24th April 6pm via Zoom – Pizza making and craft party (all ingredients and crafts delivered to the sibs home). The craft supplies have been kindly donated by Concept Data Solutions. (16)

Session 4: May Zoom session with goody bag delivery

Session 5: June Zoom session with Goody Bag delivery

Session 6: July Zoom session with goody bag delivery

Session 7: August Zoom session with goody bag delivery

Session 8: 26th Sept – softplay and craft session at Ruby’s Fund

Session 9: 28th Oct 10am-12pm Halloween Themed session

Session 10: 4th Nov 4-6pm Teatime club

Session 11: 2nd Dec 4-6pm I’m a Celebrity Themed session. Read about the session on our blog here

Session 12: 6th Jan 4-6pm cancelled

Session 13: 3rd Feb 4-6pm cancelled

Session 14 17th Feb 10am-12pm – under review

If you would like your child to join our siblings group then please email Jill at: