The sensory room at Ruby’s Fund is a fantastic resource. It’s a calming and non-threatening environment which has many features including a  large bubble tube, ball pool, music, aromatherapy, infinity panel, fibre optics, and projector lighting. If you’ve never used a sensory room before please ask a member of our team to show you how to use the equipment. See the room here.

The sensory room is open to all during open play sessions. Please check the website timetable for these sessions as they change weekly and monthly due to other sessions.

We run quiet times in the sensory room during termtime so our users who need the room to be calmer can use it. Please see signs in the centre for when these apply.

The sensory room cost £16,000 which was raised through fundraising and grant applications so we have a few rules to keep it in good condition.

  • No shoes are to be worn inside the sensory room
  • No eating and drinking
  • No toys to be taken inside the sensory room

Read all about our sensory room in the blog here