Relax Kids is a pioneering system of teaching children mindfulness and relaxation techniques.  With the rise of child stress and anxiety and behavioural problems, Relax Kids (as seen on BBC Dragons’ Den) classes offers children a chance to chill out and relax.  The sessions teach children relaxation techniques and tools to help them cope with stress and anxiety whilst building their confidence and self-esteem.  Learning relaxation from a young age helps children manage their stress and stay in control and focussed.  Classes include stretching, breathing techniques, massage, positive self-talk and visualisation exercises put together in a fun package for children ages 5-10.

A key study by the Office of National Statistics found that one in ten children now suffer from mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression. -Quick-Stats

Marneta Viegas – founder of Relax Kids says ‘teaching children to be still and relax is vital for their mental and emotional well being.  TV. play stations, noise pollution and fast food all contribute the overstimulation and therefore stress and hyperactivity in children.  We need to do something fast. Relaxation is the key!’

With child stress and mental health on the increase, it is important to address these issues.  Relaxation and mindfulness helps counteract the effects of stress and anxiety.

Visit the Relax Kids website to see the positive effect these classes have on children.

 Claire Jackson our Relax Kids coach is able to visit offer sessions for children and adults, parents and professionals.

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Classes are held at Ruby’s Fund on a Tuesday 4-5pm & Thursday 4-5pm.

1:1 sessions available