Ruby’s Fund has gathered some resources together for professionals and families to support them in applying for DLA for a child or young person.

We always recommend the primary carer completes the diary which can be found at the back of the DLA application form before starting to fill out the form. This helps them gather the evidence that is usually required within the form. We also suggest using a note book to complete draft answers to questions before starting to complete the form to avoid errors on the form.

The Government have published information on the DLA criteria and guidance. Click here to read.

Cerebra has this document about ‘myths around applying for DLA

Citizens Advice Bureau have put together some usual guidance on how they can support you with a Disability Living Allowance application for your child. Click here.

If you are supporting family in Macclesfield then the DIB maybe able to offer support. Click here for details.

Tips on completing the Disability Living Allowance form here (

Contact DLA guide DLA guide.pdf (

We have also gathered some information that may be of interest to families especially in the early years. Click here