We believe that to parent carers need to look after themselves as well as those their care for. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Emotional care is important for all of us and your mental health is vital for your wellbeing and for the person or people who you care for, support or teach. If you are happy and well you are better able to care for and support others. Your emotional and mental state can impact on the people around you, including the people you support.

A calm, regulated adult can regulate a dysregulated person but a dysregulated adult can never calm anyone – Bruce Perry

As part of our Thriving Families Project we deliver wellbeing workshops and sessions for parent carers.

Sessions include:

  • Complementary Therapy and Wellbeing session
  • Craft sessions
  • Coffee mornings
  • Lunch Club
  • Zoom sessions
  • Online workshops

Please email alison@rubysfund.co.uk or self refer here: https://www.thriving-families.org/help