TMC are Ruby’s Mud Champions!

ttcOn 1st April 2017, the TMC team took on a brand new identity as ‘The Mud Champions’ for the X-Runner Wild Mud Run event, at Osmaston Manor in Derby. Taking part in the event to raise money for Ruby’s Fund, it was an experience like no other! The course was a series of over 37 obstacles, in swampy terrains, all designed to be nature’s ultimate challenge. After weeks of training and anticipation, nothing could have prepared the team for the mud-filled course they were met with upon arrival.  Water slides, mud mountains and a free fall jump at the finish line, all contributed to the muddiest event the TMC team have ever experienced. Not only was the event muddy good fun, but it was also an opportunity to help raise a grand total of  £185 for Ruby’s Fund. You can see all the pictures from the day on the TMC Strategic Communications Facebook page.