The Sensory Room at Ruby’s Fund

Bubble Tube
Bubble Tube

When people talk about Ruby’s Fund sensory room the first thing they talk about is usually the bubble tube. It is the centre piece of our sensory room and the most popular piece of equipment.

The bubble tube is positioned in the corner of the sensory room mounted on a white padded bench with mirrors around it for maximum sparkle, effect and comfort.

There are several other key pieces of interactive equipment that provide sensory stimulation including lights and sound. These include the fibre optics. Our fibre optics are positioned by the bubble tube bench on soft white padded floor matting. They are bunches of long, colour changing lights which can be manipulated. They are great to run your fingers through, place over a child’s knee or even worn around the neck.

Musical squares, is great for cause and effect. A child can stand or lie on a coloured square and as a reward a coloured panel lights up and makes a noise. We have 9 programmes so there are lots of different noises!

We have a disco ball situated in the centre of the ceiling, which has a colour changing lamp shining at it to it casts it sparkle around the room as its gently spins around.

Sensory Room
Sensory Room

The wall projector offers the opportunity to go into space or swim with the fishes in the sea. We have a small collection of projector discs with images of the sea, butterflies, fireworks and space. The images move clockwise whilst being projected on the wall.

Half of the sensory room is soft padded and the other half has fantastic UV carpet that glows when the UV lamp is switched on.

Opposite the bubble tube we have a ball pool. It has padded walls and sides and is filled with blue and green balls. It is great for children to jump in (supervised of course). However it has an amazing calming effect on a child with autism having a meltdown.

Quite often we find daddies in the ball pool too. We love to see grown ups playing with their little people so encourage it!

The sensory room is used on a daily by a variety of babies, children and young people of mixed abilities, and of course their grown up helpers. There are a variety of uses for the sensory room. It is a safe place which can offers a calming atmosphere when used correctly with lights, music and aromatherapy or it can be a place of activity jumping on the musical squares mat and in the ball pool.

Activities in the sensory room need to be controlled to benefit fully from the room and the equipment. It is also important to understand your child and their sensory perception. A child with sensory processing disorder may need to use one piece of equipment at a time or face being sensory overloaded.

We have recently been fundraising to replace the fibre optics as half of the

Fibre Optics
Fibre Optics

lights had stopped twinkling. We are pleased to have reached our target with the support of our kind and generous supporters and the replacement unit is on order.

We are working with our local Charity Partner, Marks & Spencer Congleton, to arrange a date to repaint the white walls in the sensory room. The staff at Marks & Spencer offer volunteer hours to support our charity and the centre. Hopefully many hands will make light work and the painting will be done in a couple of hours.

If you would like to visit the sensory room please contact 01260 277666 to arrange a visit. If you have special requirements we can offer exclusive hire of the sensory room. Bookable in advance. Please email

Sensory rooms are fun, there is no doubt about that and everybody really likes to use them. For others, it is an amazing exploratory and learning environment. There are so many uses to a sensory room. The only limitation is your imagination!

The sensory room at Ruby’s Fund is a fantastic resource. We look forward to your visit soon.