Sibs Club reaches new heights!

Ruby’s Fund Siblings session reached new heights this month! We teamed up with Orbis Outdoor Adventures Ltd who brought their mobile climbing tower to our sensory garden. It was great to have lots of new young people join us. We had 12 kids and 9 of them had never been to sibs before! Everyone that went up the wall seemed to really enjoy themselves, and we had some very good climbers. We had pizza for tea, and there was chocolate and crisps for a snack when they weren’t climbing. For many of the kids, it was their first doing something since lockdown began, so everyone was very chatty. Tom and Jill, our club workers, also went up the climbing wall. We had children monitoring each other’s climbing times and climbing as quick as they could. This break from the tedium of the last few months really seemed to have a positive effect on the children. We had lots of smiley faces, albeit some weary smiles at the thought of climbing the wall!