I’m a Celebrity December Siblings Club

This month at Sibs group we had a set of  “I’m a celebrity: Get me out of here” themed activities. The kids were greeted at the door where they sanitised their hands and had their temperature checked, then they went upstairs to join the group. The first activity everyone did was a gross one, the children stuck their hands in a box and rooted around until they found a star. The stars, however, were buried in bowls of cold beans, rice pudding and popcorn. Everyone got a star and they all seemed to enjoy the gross fun. Throughout the night the kids did activities in their own like table football and bottle flip competitions, everyone got pretty competitive.  Another activity everyone did was an eating trial like on I’m a celeb. The children ate things like shrek’s fingers (pickles) and boiled eyeballs (cockles). There was also a jelly belly game, which is a game of luck involving tasty jelly beans and disgusting jelly beans. Everyone took part and everyone found it gross.  The final big activity Everyone took part in was a Worm Pie Eating challenge, where the kids had to get a star out of a worm pie using just their mouths, no hands allowed. The worm pies were actually just jelly with a gummy worm in, but the kids all enjoyed it anyway and everyone got their star pretty quickly! 

As it was the last Sibs Club of 2020 all the Sibs received a Christmas gift which has been kindly donated by local people and organisations.